Back in September I asked the question Does anyone need a VS2010 Custom Build Activity for StyleCop? and a good few people said yes and asked me when the activity would be released.

Well I had forgotten to say that the Codeplex TFS Build Extensions project, which the activity code got included into, has made it’s first public alpha release i.e. a release that means you don’t have to download the source and build it yourself. There is now a downloadable ZIP will just the built assemblies.

But the StyleCop activity is not the only one in releases, the others are:

  • StyleCop
  • Email
  • Twitter
  • Zip
  • File Attributes
  • DateTime
  • Guid
  • Run PowerShell Script
  • Run SQL Command
  • Numerous TFS Build management activities
  • Hyper-V Management
  • Virtual PC Management
  • IIS Website Management

So if you think any of these would be useful in your TFS 2010 Team build please download have a look and feedback any issues you find