I tried to create a new TFS team project today and got an error that the TFS server could not access the SQL Reporting Services server. I then checked I could access http://myserver/reports and this also failed. On looking in the event log I saw a number of EventID 107 ‘cannot connect to the report server database’

Now I was unsure what could have caused this, it was working last time I created a project! So check the update log on the server and found the only patches that had been applied since I last created a project, and that seemed plausible, were Visual Studio 2005 SP1 (which I thought was already on, but maybe it was just VS TFS SP1) and SQL 2005 SP2.

I google’d for the eventID 107 and found a Technet note that said to check the SQL Reporting Services Configuration Manager. I did this and found on the database setup section that it wanted to upgrade the structure and rebuild the rights to my ReportsServer DB from version C.0.8.40 to C.0.8.54, once this was done all was OK again.

On read around a bit more it does seem to be an SQL SP2 issue, good old automated updates….