The voting for DDD6 is now open - as I always say vote early vote often.

I hope my submission of a proposal for a session on Scrum is of interest. I know I have had feedback on my previous sessions that people want to know more on this area.

Also saw today on Colin Angus Mackey’s blog that DDD7 DDD Scotland will be in May 2008 at Glasgow Caledonian University. Well another 3+ hour drive but in a different direction! It will be interesting to see if the change of location alters attendance

Edit note: I have just edited this post to change DDD7 to DDD Scotland as Craig Murphy informs me that….

 “It’s not actually DDD7, it’s DDD Scotland!  DDD7 will be in TVP with other flavours of DDD being held elsewhere in England/Ireland (both are in the discussion stages)”

This was completely my mistake as Colin had the correct name on his blog. I am happy to clear that one up, especially as it means we are likely to see more DDD and SQLBit like events around the country.