Well the votes are in and my proposed session for DDD7 on automated testing did not make the cut, but thanks to anyone who voted for it. I can’t say I am surprised that I am not on the list given the larger number of very interesting sessions proposed.

However, I am a little disappointed that even though there were a good percentage of the proposed sessions on testing related subjects only Ian’s on TDD and  Ben’s on Pex made it through; I really had expected to see Gojko’s on Fitnesse.Net on the list.

Given that much of the last Alt.Net conference was focused on acceptance testing the relative lack of testing related sessions surprised me. There seems to be a difference in interests between the DDD voting community and the Alt.Net attendees. Does this mean that the average person attending (or at least voting) for DDD sessions does not care about testing or thinks they have nothing to learn? or have I missed something about the nature of the two events?