There has been a good deal of discussion on Blogs and Forums as to if there is a need for a developer edition of Sharepoint (WSS3.0) so you can develop against it under Vista. Historically your options were:

  • Run W2K3 on your client PC - licensing issues and maybe drivers if using a laptop
  • Do all development in a VPC (or VMware) - is be a bit slow.

Now some people argue the separation between client and server this causes is good - and it is a strong argument. However I want to get the best performance out of my development PC, so a WSS3.0 on Vista would be really useful to me. I know it won’t address all my development issues (I will still need a VPC from time to time) but it will do 90% of my day to day work and run at least 50% faster than a VPC.

Well the waiting is over Bamboo Solutions have released a tool to community to allow you to install WSS3.0 on Vista.

Well done…….