I have been using a Band 2 for a couple of weeks now as opposed to my original Band. The major thing I have noticed is I don’t notice it on my wrist. It feels just like a watch.

The old one, though not too bad did feel a bit lumpy, banging on the wrist. So that is an improvement, also it looks less like I am a prisoner with a tracker on day release. The Band 2 looks like a designer was more involved as opposed to just engineers.

But how does it compare to my issues with the original Band?

  • Is it now waterproof? - No, still can’t swim with it.
  • How about battery life? - Seems a bit better, on a day to day use I am charging it roughly every couple of two days as opposed to each day. I have not tried a long cycle ride yet, so it remains to be seen if I get more than about 5 hours of full data capture. I would expect a bit better, but not a huge gain
  • Does the touch screen work when it is raining or my fingers wet? - Does seem better

So all positive thus far