Today at Microsoft’s Ignite Conference there have been some very interesting announcements related to Azure DevOps and GitHub.

In the recent past, I have seen confusion from our clients as to what is Microsoft’s recommended DevOps solution, given they have both Azure DevOps and GitHub.

It is true that Microsoft have said, and continue to say, that GitHub is the ’north star’ the long term destination for all users. However, that does not help clients today. Many of mine ask ‘but I am using Azure DevOps, but all Microsoft seem to talk about is GitHub, is Azure DevOps dead?’.

Well today’s announcements in the conference session ‘Accelerate innovation with the world’s most complete cloud developer platform’ and the blog post ‘Integrate security into your developer workflow with GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps’ goes a long way to answering that question with a positive answer.

‘Cool features’ from GitHub Enterprise, specifically Code Advanced Security, are coming to Azure DevOps, along with other Azure DevOps specific investments. Thus greatly re-enforcing the ‘better together’ story for Azure DevOps and GitHub, and that Azure DevOps has a future.

These changes could be taken two ways, depending on your position

  • You could argue it makes it much clearer for both existing Azure DevOps and GitHub users to see their road-map, with both products sharing a common set of share services
  • Conversely you could argue it muddles the waters and slows the inevitable move to GitHub

I suspect which position you take is dependent as to whether you are an Azure DevOps or GitHub Enterprise user.

If this is an area of interest, I will be talking more about these changes at Black Marble’s next free webinar titled ‘Which is best for me… GitHub, Azure DevOps, or Better Together?’ on 26th October 2022.