Whilst sorting our eScrum installation I kept getting a variety of Javascript errors when selecting a project using the dialog on the top right of the main web form. I also was unable to create new product via the web site.

It turned out to be two problems:


Some the projects I had registered to be used via the Escrum web site were not using the eScrum template, they were using the Conchango Scrum one.

Now there is no easy way to change a template once a project is created, but I was not that worried over the SharePoint guidance pages, so all that really mattered was that I had the right work item types and reports, it was the lack of these work item types that was causing the JavaScript errors (data binds were failing when trying to display the results of SQL queries).

So the fix was to follow the method at the end of http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms194914(vs.80).aspx i.e export the work item types then import them. Once this was done I could select the updated project and got not errors.

The only down side of this method is that the project now contain the old and the new style of work items, but I can live with that.

You also have to import all the Reporting Services reports, if you don’t eScrum cannot show you reports. You do this via http://localhost/reports then add the reports from the WIT export you created. Remember to add spaces to the names of the reports e.g. SprintBurndown.xml becomes Sprint Burndown. I also had to then edit each report to point it at my global data sources (Reports and OLAP) for TFS in Reporting Services

Product Owners

When creating a product in eScrum you have to assign the product owner (and you can also set the team members). The combo for the product owner is filled using the contributors - not the administrators, so make sure the users are in the right group.

If when you add a user to a group in TFS and it does not show up in the eScrum product owner dialog, do a AppPool recycle on the eScrum site to clear the cache.

NB The way we manage users is to add an Active Directory group to each TFS group then manage user rights to projects in the AD.