I posted about the problems I had adding a user to a project TFS earlier this week. Well I have seen a similar problem again today, I added a new user to an AD group but they could not access the project until I restarted the Web Server process on my TFS front end server. I still suspect a cache problem is the root issue.

However, I have had another thought - it could be because my TFS 2005 server knows I intend to install the 2008 Beta2 but don’t have the time as I am off to MIX07 in London next week and won’t do a major update if I am not going to be about, so it is sulking!.

On a related point, the reason I was adding a user was we have a new developer on a project. As usual this caused the swapping of kit and desks as they settle in and we find a home for them. The PC they are using was previously used by another developer on the project and we chose not to re-image back to our standard Vista build (as it was only installed a month or so ago and only used for this project).

Now this meant in Visual Studio 2005 there was a mapping in a workspace for the project the new user was to work on. This mapping was in workspace with the name of the PC but owned by the original PC user. This meant the new user could not create a workspace mapping to the same local directory as had been used by the previous user, but could not see the old workspace as they were not the owner.

The fix is for the previous user to login to TFS via Visual Studio on any other PC, look at all their workspaces and delete the one for their old PC. Once this is done the new user can create mapping they require.