If you have TypeMock Isolator based MSTests in a solution you will want them to be run as part of any CI build process.

To get this to work with Team Build you have to make sure Isolator is started in the build box at the right time (something that is done automagically behind the scenes by Visual Studio during developer testing). This is not actually that difficult as TypeMock provide some tasks for just this purpose.

Firstly you have to install Isolator on the build box (and of course license it). Then edit your tfsbuild.proj build script to include the overrides for the beforetest and aftertest targets

<!-- Import the Typemock list of tasks -->  <PropertyGroup\>     <TypeMockLocation\>C:Program FilesTypemockIsolator5.1</TypeMockLocation\> </PropertyGroup\> <Import Project \="$(TypeMockLocation)TypeMock.MSBuild.Tasks"/>  <!-- Before the tests are run start TypeMock --> <Target Name\="BeforeTest"\>     <TypeMockStart/> </Target\>  <!-- And stop it when the are finished --> <Target Name\="AfterTest"\>     <TypeMockStop/> </Target\>

Once this is done your test should run OK