A few days ago I got the regular ‘there is a new version of seesmic’ message.


So I pressed update and got the less than helpful message


After a quick search on the web I found the log files are in C:Users[username]DocumentsSeesmicSeesmic Desktop 2Logs, why that cannot be listed on the error dialog I don’t know!.

Unfortunately there was nothing obvious in the log, just a list of plug-ins it loaded. So I went back and tried the upgrade again, reading the release notes (I know a strange idea) and noticed that it mentioned a specific version of Silverlight. A quick check of this showed I was not up to date, so I went to http://www.microsoftr.com/silverlight and ran the installer, which updated my install (I would have expected Windows Update to have done this).

I tried the update again it failed, I then remembered that IE was running and this could have blocked some of the Silverlight assembly updates so I closed all browsers down. I also deleted the Seesmic log files, so I could get a clean look at any errors. I reloaded Seesmic and was present with an updating dialog.


And all seems to be working, not sure which step actually fixed it!

Lets seem what the new UI is like to use……