Whist configuring a new TFS2010 server I got the error

TF255115: The following service did not start: TfsJobAgent. Cannot start service TfsJobAgent on computer ‘’.

This was identical to the thread on MSDN and it turned out my problem was similar.

I was installing TFS onto drive D:APPS, not the usual C:PROGRAM FILE. The problem was the User group did not have the default Read & Execute, List Folder Contents and Read rights on the D:APPS directory and sub directory, the right all users have on C:PROGRAM FILES.

Once these rights were added the TFS configuration completed without issue.

By the way something else I noticed, you can only change the path TFS will install on if you set the check boxes to install all components (server, proxy build etc.) However, once the path is altered you can deselect any components you don’t want, at which point the path textbox become read only again, but you now have the path you wanted