I my previous post I discussed how the DB label was not used for TPC Dbs in 2010. As I was working on a setup where a central SQL box was the DT for two virtualised TFS AT instances, I therefore needed to create my TPC databases manually if I wanted TPCs of the same name on each TFS instance.

I won’t go over the [old post again](I had to create a TPC Dbs manually ), but in essence I was trying to create a TPC with the name ABC on a TFS instance with a database label of RC. So I tried to create the DB TFS_RC_ABC manually and pointed the TPC create process at this. It passed the verify but I then got a

TF30046: The instance information does not match

error during the core stage of the TPC creation. Basically the empty DB was found and used, but the wizard checking on the IDs of DB and the TPC found they don’t match.

It seems  the name of the DB is the problem for pre created DBs.  I tried altering the prefix from TFS_RC, changing to just RC_, removing the _,  and eventually all the prefix, but to no effect. However, when I altered the end of the DB name so it did not match the collection name it worked

So the workaround is if I create an empty DB called ABCRCTFS,  create a collection called ABC (using ABCRCTFS as the empty DB) all seems to be OK, including that all the URLs for the collections and SP sites include the name ABC, it is just the DB has an unexpected name.

I will post again if I get a better solution or and explanation in the future.