Over the weekend Brian Harry posted on this blog about a new ‘Basic’ edition of TFS. This is aimed squarely small team currently using Visual SourceSafe. It will provide version control with work item tracking and can be run on SQLExpress. The key difference for the ‘Standard ‘ edition is that it will not have SharePoint or Reporting Services integration. For far fuller details check the blog post.

I think this is going to be a really interesting addition to TFS. This announcement answers a question I was repeated asked at our [TFS2010 event last week](http://www.blackmarble.co.uk/events.aspx?event=Managing the Application Lifecycle&Code=), ‘we are a small team with VSS, I want something simple to move us forward, what should I use? TFS seems a bit complex and expensive’ So for me it is well timed and well placed within the marketplace.