I posted yesterday about problem creating a new team project if you had missing templates on your Sharepoint server. This problem could of course be avoided if you had installed the TFS Sharepoint Extensions onto your Sharepoint server as your are meant to. However, as I have discovered it is not that easy to do if your chosen  Sharepoint system has network load balanced front ends.

The problem is that Sharepoint will replicate your MSFAGILE30.STP template between the various servers, but it will not move other TFS artefacts such as the TFSREDIRECT.ASPX in the 12 hive or setting to point to the reporting service instance in the registry. To add these other items you need to install the extensions an then run the TFSConfigwss.exe tool to edit the registry. The problem is the Extensions MSI will not complete if it detects the STP already in place (which as I said will that have been replicated by Sharepoint). The only solution I found was to cheat a bit:

  1. Run the Extensions MSI until you get the warning dialog it cannot complete
  2. In c:program files copy the ‘Team Foundation Server 2008 Sharepoint Extensions x64 Power Tool’ directory
  3. Let the MSI finish, it will remove the directory, but you have a copy with the TFSconfigwss.exe tool which is probably the only thing you need.
  4. Run TFSConfigwss.exe to setup the registry.

Or you could just copy the files you need from your original Sharepoint server where you managed to install the Extensions correctly