Today and tomorrow I am at the Mix07 conference in London which is being held at the Congress Centre, a building that I knew as the Trade Union Congress building. So given this location I expected a Harold Wilson ‘beer and sandwiches’ style lunch, but no it was small food (very nice tapas style dishes) and as we all know - if it is small and food it is trendy. You know you are at a design orientated event when the even the food is trendy!

But to more major things, what of the content, it cannot all be designer fluff!

Most impressive thing thus far as the Tax form application in the Keynote, this should great integrated usages of technologies around an XPS document. This alone as certainly get me thinking of interesting strategies for historic problems I have in long running projects.

But time is pressing (and battery is low) so back to the second of Scott Guthrie’s sessions now.