There seams to be loads of coverage at present over mobile platforms. Maybe I am just noticing it due to coverage of the CES show and the launch of the Nexus One, but the more mainstream media does seems to be taking a good deal of interest in the future of smartphones (or superphone as Google are calling their new one).

All the articles seems to Apple Vs. Android (and moving rapidly towards Apple Vs. Google). There is also usually a passing mention of Blackberry, then a ‘wonder where Nokia are?’ but usually very little on Microsoft. The article in this months UK edition of Wired is a classic example.

As a reasonably happy Windows Mobile 6.5 user (I have an HTC Diamond 2) I find this all very interesting. My phone works most of the time, does most of what I need and certainly does not need to be rebooted as much previous smartphones I have had. However, I have to say, it does not engender me with the missionary zeal iPhone (and I suspect future Nexus One) user have. They all seem to have a pure pleasure in the ownership and use of their device. My phone is a bit of kit that does the job most of time, I don’t love it or hate, it is what it is.

I do wonder if I moved to an iPhone would I be the convert so many others seem to be; or is it just my nature to not be such a devotee of any phone/car/coffee machines etc. or in fact objects and brands in general?

This all said, it is very noticeable that the Microsoft mobile platform (and actually the supporting eco-system e.g. the iPhone App Store) is lagging behind, the silence of Windows Mobile 7 just seems to drag on and on. Whatever comes out is going to have to make a big leap to catch up (let alone overtake) other vendors offerings.

Anyway whilst I was writing this post I see that Robert Scoble has posted probably a more consider review of the current state of the mobile space. Great minds think a like?